Grades 6th through 12th

'Go Forth' is an exciting, cutting edge youth program that really cares for the whole young person. We teach God's word in a relevant way that keeps the student's attention. Using audio/visual, drama, and music, we design our service to meet this generation's spiritual needs.  

       GO FORTH and make disciples of all the nations! 
                                Matt. 28:19-20

                  Wed 6:45p | Sun 9:30a              

6th through12th grades meet with Youth Pastor: Omar Santana   Email

This is an ongoing ministry where the kids visit nursing
homes in our area to encourage residents and take small

Donations of socks; shampoos, bath soaps, powder,
toothpaste, aftershave, shaving cream, lotions, etc... 
are needed and are collected in the Youth Room.

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