Pastor Mike's Corner

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  • Finding the treasure of god's word

    In the ministry, I have had times of doubt and uncertainty about meeting the challenge of pastoring. During those times I often would ask the Lord for a reason for my nervous state of mind. I would rest on the fact that He gave me Joshua 1:7-9 ... Click here to view more of Pastor Mike's letter.

  • Learning to Lean

    When it comes to obedience in our lives, most of us have a tough time obeying. If you are like most Christians, you have struggled with God’s will. Maybe you have asked yourself, “How can I know God’s will for me?”  Click here finish Pastor Mike's letter.

  • A Word of Encouragement

    I am writing today to encourage each of you with three, seven-word phrases. But each describes a biblical principle that I believe everyone needs to know in today’s world of challenge and adversity. Click here to view more of Pastor Mike's letter.

  • Are you Grateful

    What are you grateful for today? Daily needs? A roof over your head? At the very least we can usually thank God for these things.  Click here to view more of Pastor Mike's letter.

  • you are loved

    The words “I love you” have the power to change lives. There are many people today who are struggling with feelings of rejection. Everyone enjoys being told they are loved.  Click here to view more of Pastor Mike's letter

  • There will be trials and tribulations

    Everyone needs encouragement, especially when dark moments show up.  It’s in those seasons or moments in life when we can’t see what is going on, that can be the most distressing.  Click here to view more of Pastor Mike's letter.


    Here is a letter from Pastor Mike inviting you and your guests to "Come And See" what wonderful things are in store for you here at Grace Family.  Click here to view Pastor Mike's letter.